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We can provide pre or post-delivery storage solutions to meet your requirements.

At SLL we understand that you may not be able to drop off or collect your assets right away, so our depots and agents can arrange storage pre or post-delivery to meet your requirements.

We can store your assets at our wharves or depots, or alternatively at a location designated by our agents.

Storage can be either short or long term depending on the location and storage services can be used for both our business and private clients – we cover it all!

Storage for all of your assets is easy to arrange, just let us know your requirements and we’ll let you know the when, where, and how!

Short-Term Storage

Long-Term Storage

Can you arrange the collection of my asset from storage on my behalf?2022-05-19T23:07:44+10:00

Ricki to confirm any details/requirements

Is my asset insured for transportation?2022-05-19T23:08:50+10:00

We do not insure your asset, but you can arrange insurance. (independent insurance, or through SLL?)

What are my payment options?2022-05-19T23:09:52+10:00

We love when accounts are paid! We accept bank transfer, credit card (surcharges apply) or payment via an account with invoice details.

Can I set up an account with SLL?2022-05-19T23:10:13+10:00

Yes, you can create an account with us (we would love it if you did!). If you have an ABN you can fill out an application to apply – please contact us and we will send you the form.

Do I have to pick up my asset immediately after arrival or can it be stored at your depot?2022-05-27T00:47:58+10:00

We don’t require you to pick up your asset immediately. If needed, we can arrange storage for you at various facilities – just ask us!

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