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If you’ve got questions then we’ve got answers!

Please read our frequently asked questions below for additional information on the services that we provide. If you still have a question for us please get in touch today!

Does my vehicle have to be operational for transportation?2022-05-19T23:01:20+10:00

No, your vehicle does not have to be operational for transport. We can transport driveable, non-driveable and salvage vehicles, all you need to do is let us know the condition of your vehicle and we will do the rest!

Do you need to know the weight and measurements of my vehicle?2022-05-19T23:01:40+10:00

No, we don’t. We can find a way to transport your vehicle no matter the size.

Do I need to do anything to get my vehicle ready for transportation?2022-05-19T23:02:02+10:00

If your vehicle is a non-drivable or a salvage vehicle, please just let us know the defects of the vehicle and send photos of any external damages so we can determine what extra safety measures may be required to ensure its safe transport.

Can I have personal belongings in the car?2022-05-19T23:02:23+10:00

Yes, you can leave personal belongings in the vehicle. Please just ensure they are secure!

Can you transport any trailer or campervan?2022-05-19T23:04:17+10:00

Of course we can! Please just let us know the dimensions and we will find the best way to transport it.

Can you transport a boat?2022-05-19T23:04:32+10:00

Yes, we can transport boats as long as they are secured on a trailer.

Does my trailer/caravan/boat have to accompanied by a towing vehicle?2022-05-19T23:04:46+10:00

Not at all! We have vehicles/machines to tow the asset where necessary, however if you do have an accompanying towing vehicle we can transport that for you too.

Do you transport tractors?2022-05-19T23:05:09+10:00

Yes, we can transport a variety of farming, earthmoving, and industrial machinery – just ask us!

How do you transport heavy or oversized machinery?2022-05-19T23:05:31+10:00

It’s a secret we will never tell! Jokes aside, where necessary we will use various heavy haulage specialists to transport heavy or oversized machinery, as well as various trucks including tilt tray, drop deck and low loaders.

What size containers can I transport?2022-05-19T23:05:47+10:00

We can transport your 20ft or 40ft containers.

Can I have someone at SLL pack the container for me?2022-05-19T23:06:05+10:00

No sorry, we are not able to pack your container for you.

Do I need to source my own container?2022-05-19T23:06:28+10:00

You can use your own container or we have containers you can hire from us.

If I use my own container, are there any requirements/standards it has to meet?2022-05-19T23:06:48+10:00

Ricki to confirm any details/requirements

Is my container insured or can I insure it?2022-05-19T23:07:08+10:00

Ricki to confirm any details/requirements

Do I have to pick up my asset immediately after arrival or can it be stored at your depot?2022-05-27T00:47:58+10:00

We don’t require you to pick up your asset immediately. If needed, we can arrange storage for you at various facilities – just ask us!

Can you arrange the collection of my asset from storage on my behalf?2022-05-19T23:07:44+10:00

Ricki to confirm any details/requirements

Can I track my delivery?2022-05-19T23:08:18+10:00

Although we don’t provide online tracking, we can provide live tracking updates for you – just give us a call or send us an email.

Is my asset insured for transportation?2022-05-19T23:08:50+10:00

We do not insure your asset, but you can arrange insurance. (independent insurance, or through SLL?)

Can I choose how my asset is transported, by road, sea or air?2022-05-19T23:09:26+10:00

Yes, to a degree! Your chosen method of transportation will depend on your time schedule and budget.

What are my payment options?2022-05-19T23:09:52+10:00

We love when accounts are paid! We accept bank transfer, credit card (surcharges apply) or payment via an account with invoice details.

Can I set up an account with SLL?2022-05-19T23:10:13+10:00

Yes, you can create an account with us (we would love it if you did!). If you have an ABN you can fill out an application to apply – please contact us and we will send you the form.

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